The Giant Vulva Taxi:A different kind of female cycle

First there was the Vulva Couch, and then Vulva Street Theater Protest Gear. Now, there’s the Giant Vulva Bicycle Taxi, created by Finnish artist Mimosa Pale. The photo above has its delicate details obscured, but you can see the totally NSFW version here.

Ms. Pale created it as a protest of our phallo-centric world, although when it comes to vulvas, I kinda prefer Judy Chicago. I wonder what The Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery would make of it all?

The tip is from the anonymous Mr. My-Other-Pedicab-is-a-Penis, who I suspect loves the vulva bike because it so neatly pairs two of his favorite hobbies.

Update: It seems I inadvertently stole that last thought from a comment posted on the original vulva taxi blog. But that doesn’t make it untrue.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted June 20, 2009 at 5:10 am | Permalink

    And she is so right! Why are gas pumps so phallic in nature? They would work just as well if they didn’t fit into the gas tank, but was just an orifice that squirted all over the car. Or maybe they could just slowly bleed gas into the tanks so that over 3 days of pumping gas we could celebrate womanhood. I mean, to think we went with a phallic design for gas nozzles to be male pigs and not because it was efficient. Some might say that nature picked the same design for certain needs for the same efficiency, but we now know that it is just that scientists hate women. I can’t believe that mother nature sold out to those male pigs! And physics, JEEZ. Way to make the cock aerodynamic and the pussy just a pink airbrake. I think we should sue the air for aerodynamic sexual discrimination so airplanes can quit looking phallic, and then we can start flying in that gaping cunt she’s driving around. By the way, every time I see an airplane my first thought is “that looks like a penis because men are better than women!” It is certainly not the case that I never thought an airplane was phallic until an “artist” like that brings up the subject. In fact, I never thought that it was simply the most feasible aerodynamic design, and I always thought the scientific design was really to point out that cock rules.

    Some might think that men like pussy, and would incorporate pussy whenever they could since they love it, but thanks to her we realize that we only think about penises because we have to look at one every day. Cock, cock, cock, all day long. Now that I know I am sexist, I will be sure to pick up a vagina-cycle first chance I get. Nothing says “equal” like blatantly cruising around in a hair pie bike. It is as smart as re-naming manholes “femme-holes” like they did in a California city. Or maybe I should sculpt the Kia to look like a big tit. Then people would never think I was sexist :>

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