What if all we had to lose were our virginity myths?

Entertaining, eye-opening and irreverent, How To Lose Your Virginity explores why female virginity is still so valued in our hyper-sexualized society. Traveling through religion, history, pop culture and $30 internet hymens, the documentary reveals the myths and misogyny behind a rite of passage that everyone thinks about but few truly understand.

A film by Therese Shechter, director of I Was A Teenage Feminist

Educators say...

"A very open and intelligent film...approaches the difficult subject with warmth and humor. I recommend it for anyone who desires a serious, grown-up, critical overview of the issue of sex and virginity in contemporary America." 
— Anthropology Review

The Press says...

"Shechter’s movie, with breezy, watchable, funny delivery, walks us through the simple argument baked into the very term virginity — one that we still use freely — the idea of a woman’s body as an object for transaction." 
— Salon


Parents say...

"The film doesn't advocate sexual activity or abstinence--only that what you do should be your choice and your timing and free from judgment or shame. My girls have both seen the film and appreciated its candor and that of the young people in it."
–Lynne, mother of two teenage girls

Orgs say...

“We were so thrilled to partner with Trixie Films and Therese to host a screening of her amazing documentary during our 2014 Sex Ed Weeks of Action!" 
– Planned Parenthood of NYC

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