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How To Lose Your Virginity is streaming On Demand for July Only. Click here to watch!



Dr. Joycelyn Elder talks about masturbation: Our former Surgeon General tells it like it is: “About eighty to ninety percent of men masturbate. Seventy to eighty percent of women masturbate and the rest lie.”


Vulva Love: CosmoGirl! editor Susan Schulz talks about the story that got them the most hate mail ever. But not from the readers!


The Semiotics of Pigtails: Director Therese Shechter interviews ‘Porn Valley Observed’ blogger Gram Ponante about the aesthetics of virgin-themed porn. [Suitable for work with the audio off]



The Hymen Marketplace:Catering to a world in which women must prove something that can’t be proven, a variety of products and procedures populate the hymen marketplace.


Talking Virginity with Jaclyn FriedmanThe author of “What You Really Really Want” talks about marking the moment.


Talking Virginity with Adjoa Sankofia TettehThe sex educator on parents asking for virginity tests for their daughters.


Talking Virginity with Carol QueenHuman sexuality expert talks about writing Dear Abby, and tells us why we need to keep using the V word.


Talking Virginity with Charlie GlickmanThe Sex Educator tells us all the wild and wonderful ways he thinks we should define losing our virginity (audio is NSFW).


SO, WHAT’S SEX?: A group of teens try to define sex.


WHAT IS VIRGINITY?: And why is it still so important in our hyper-sexualized society?


WHAT IS VIRGINITY? PART 2: As explained by our cultural icons

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