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Highly recommended for: Sex Week events, Human Sexuality, Health Centers, Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Mass Media & Popular Culture, Anthropology, Sociology, Religion and Feminism. [US, 2013, 66 minutes, Color]

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What educators and students are saying about the film:

“A very open and intelligent film…Raises deep cultural questions that surely beg for answers. It also approaches the difficult subject with warmth and humor. I recommend it for anyone who desires a serious, grown-up, critical overview of the issue of sex and virginity in contemporary America.” Read full review.
–Jack David Eller, Anthropology Review Database

“This film is an engaging, entertaining documentary about the conflicting meanings of female virginity and sexuality in North American culture. My students loved every minute of it.”
Elizabeth A. Kissling, Ph.D, Professor, Eastern Washington University

“Opens up the question of how virginity is used to control women’s sexuality, self-worth  and the influence virginity can have on women all around the world”
Brown Girl Magazine

“[The film] helped us all dispel these notions and challenged us to think about our own beliefs in an interesting and inclusive way. This is especially important in an environment where someone’s value is often based on subjective ideals like purity and virginity.
–Brian Ventura, Harvard Sex Week

“[The filmmaker's] perspective gave a depth to the conversation that I never would have been able to provide on my own. The film was a great way to jump start a discussion and get students engaged in all the reasons this word is difficult to define.”
Bronwen Pardes, M.A., Instructor of Human Sexuality, LaGuardia Community College

“I loved that [the film] didn’t take a specific viewpoint and exploit the subjects other like so many documentaries usually do, and I loved that she interviewed so many different types of women with such different personalities and views on sex.”
-Student, Eastern Washington University




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  • Audiences say…

    “We were so thrilled to partner with Trixie Films and Therese to host a screening of her amazing documentary during our 2014 Sex Ed Weeks of Action! The event was attended by college students, parents, community organizations, and teens. We loved this educational collaboration!”
    – Planned Parenthood of New York City

    "Therese's talk at Sex Weekend at Harvard reminded students that virginity is not black and white. She challenged us to think about our own beliefs in an interesting and inclusive way."
    –Harvard University

    "Our teens were grateful to screen the film with Therese and discuss their reactions with her after they watched it. It was eye-opening to see the parallels Therese makes between the historical context of virginity to current cultural practices we accept as the norm. Great film!"
    –NARAL Pro-Choice New York

    "Therese was very knowledgeable and did a great job in interacting with the NYU  community. We have heard nothing but great things!"
    –New York University

    "Therese gave depth to a conversation I never would have been able to provide on my own. The topic is so multi-faceted and complicated, this was a great way to jump start a discussion and get students engaged."
    –LaGuardia Community College
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