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Shechter’s movie, with breezy, watchable, funny delivery, walks us through the simple argument baked into the very term virginity — one that we still use freely — is an idea of a woman’s body as an object for transaction. Salon

“A film that might make you rethink everything you know about sex.” .Mic 

“The true triumph of How to Lose Your Virginity is in how relatable it is. Watching this film, it was touching to see my experience mirrored back at me.” Feministing

“A breath of fresh, comedic air” Tribeca Film Blog

“The title boldly opens up the very question we’ve been secretly curious to ask.” Brown Girl Magazine

“A hilarious,enraging, engaging film” The Gloss

“Humorous yet important.” The New York Observer

“Shechter is a filmmaker with a voice, and images, like no other.” POV Documentaries Blog

“Shechter has opened the floor for discussion about what virginity really means, how we can explore it and ultimately, how we can take ownership of it.The Scarlet Orchid

“Opens up the question of how virginity is used to control women’s sexuality, self-worth  and the influence virginity can have on women all around the world” Brown Girl Magazine

“Virginity is a powerful and malleable concept, as evidenced by the teenagers in Therese Shechter’s smart, funny and provoking documentary.” Soraya Chemaly, Huffington Post

“Tackles one of the last taboos in our culture’s discussion of sex – the deliberate decision not to participate in it.” J. Maureen Henderson,

“Shechter’s ability to teach, dismantle, expose and explore is remarkable. The audience is left with newfound knowledge with which they can criticize myths of virginity in our culture. However, the audience is also left with respect for everyone’s stories. When a documentary can do that, it succeeds in a big way.” Leigh Kolb, Bitch Flicks

“Shechter’s personal relations help make an awkward subject less so…She’s an engaging narrator.” Bitch Magazine

“More than just a narrative about virginity. It’s about the connection of storytelling and how hearing about other people’s experience can make anyone else feel less alone in theirs.” SF Gate

“Shechter seems like the perfect filmmaker to tackle the complexities around virginity. It’s a topic that far too many people are obsessed about – probably for all the wrong reasons – so the film is sure to stimulate interest and provoke heated debate. Basil Tsoikos, What (not) to doc

“It’s refreshing to hear such forthright voices in a world where any debate about virginity is often so conflicting or one-sided.” Lena Corner, The Guardian (UK)

“Her work to highlight what she calls the “virginity culture” and the misconceptions surrounding it may resonate as loudly in Indonesia and other developing countries as in the United States. The Jakarta Globe

“Shechter gets us talking about our V-cards (whether we’ve cashed them in or whether we’re holding on tight) and creates an important documentary in the process.” Bust Magazine

“The world needs virginity taken off its pedestal, and this could be just the film to do it.” Em & Lo

“Shechter and her film ‘How To Lose Your Virginity‘ are part of a new vanguard of feminist thinkers and media makers (think The Purity Myth’s Jessica Valenti, Lena Chen of The Chicktionary or historian Hanne Blank) seeking to redefine how we think about virginity. Or better yet, to do away with the concept altogether.” Rachel Hills, Daily Life (Australia)

“If you, like me, are an avid fan of Shechter’s 2005 film I Was a Teenage Feminist–a spirited exploration of the trials and tribulations of contemporary feminism–then you too may enjoy her personal and thoughtful approach to her current documentary-in-progress.” Aviva Dove-Viebahn, Ms. Magazine

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  • Audiences say…

    “I can't wait to talk about this film with my little sister.”
    – Student, Hunter College

    “We were so thrilled to partner with Trixie Films and Therese to host a screening of her amazing documentary during our 2014 Sex Ed Weeks of Action! The event was attended by college students, parents, community organizations, and teens. We loved this educational collaboration!”
    – Planned Parenthood

    "Therese's talk at Sex Weekend at Harvard reminded students that virginity is not black and white. She challenged us to think about our own beliefs in an interesting and inclusive way."
    –Harvard Sex Week

    "I recommend it for anyone who desires a serious, grown-up, critical overview of the issue of sex and virginity in contemporary America.”
    –Anthropology Review Database

    "Our teens were grateful to screen the film with Therese and discuss their reactions with her after they watched it. It was eye-opening to see the parallels Therese makes between the historical context of virginity to current cultural practices we accept as the norm. Great film!"
    –Torch/NARAL Pro-Choice

    "Therese was very knowledgeable and did a great job in interacting with the NYU  community. We have heard nothing but great things!"
    –New York University

    "Therese gave depth to a conversation I never would have been able to provide on my own. The topic is so multi-faceted and complicated, this was a great way to jump start a discussion and get students engaged."
    –LaGuardia College
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