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I WAS A TEENAGE FEMINIST (Feature Documentary, 2005, 62 min.)
Why is it that some young, independent, progressive women in today’s society feel uncomfortable identifying with the F-word? Join filmmaker Therese Shechter as she takes a funny, moving and very personal journey into the heart of feminism. Armed with a video camera and an irreverent sense of humor, Shechter talks with feminist superstars, rowdy frat boys, liberated Cosmo girls and Radical Cheerleaders, all in her quest to find out whether feminism can still be a source of personal and political power. More information.


HOW I LEARNED TO SPEAK TURKISH (Short Documentary, 2006, 18 min.)
Filmmaker Therese Shechter heads to Turkey for a much-needed vacation. She also plans to interview young Turkish women for a documentary on feminism. Instead, she becomes fascinated with the men. And they are fascinated with her. HOW I LEARNED TO SPEAK TURKISH chronicles one woman’s obsession with Turkish men. Her attempts to understand their language, culture and psyche leads to a revealing exploration of cultural cliches, the ‘exotic other’ and the aphrodisiac effects of a potential US visa. More information.


#slutwalknyc (Short documentary, 2013, 5 min.)
Anti-rape activism, corsets and all: The 2011 SlutWalk march was one of the largest feminist actions in New York history, part of a huge, grassroots global movement. The short film #slutwalknyc reveals the march in all its empowering, shocking and controversial glory. More information.


COUNTER/PROTEST (Short Documentary, 2008, 3 min.)
Brooklyn Pro-Choice Network stages a counter-protest, featuring Church Ladies for Choice and The Rude Mechanical Orchestra. Go to BPCN website.


Womanly Perfection Fat
WOMANLY PERFECTION: (Short animation, 2008, 1 min)

Female beauty as seen through the lens of fashion magazines.


The End film
THE END (Short narrative, 2010, 5 min.)

A woman makes it very obvious that she’s no longer interested in a relationship.


Writing by Therese Shechter

Sexless in the City: The Truth About Adult Virgins
Inside the Mind of Elizabeth Raine, the Latest Woman to Auction Her Virginity on the Internet
The Misunderstood History of Incel

Talking Points Memo:
Virginity Merchants Profit From Defining Women By Their Vaginas

Blog (writer and editor)
How to Lose Your Virginity

Women & Hollywood
“Seven Things Glee Gets Wrong About the First Time”

Chicago Tribune:
“SARS? What SARS?”
“Real women belong on film”
Sundance Journal 2003
Sundance Journal 2001

Adios Barbie:
“Boys and Sex: Why Are They Waiting Longer for Their First Time?”
“Regenerating Hymens and Bloody Sheets: What’s Really Going On Down There?”

Skirt Magazine:
“Is There a Right Way
to Lose Your Virginity?

Bitch Blogs:
Rave On Book Review: “Woman: An Intimate Geography” by Natalie Angier

Tribeca Film Blog:
Virginity in Movies

Girl With Pen:
Was thirtysomething sexist or something?

Film Independent Magazine:
Sundance Journal 2008, Part One
Sundance Journal 2008, Part Two

Personal Writing:
Sundance Journal 2007
Sundance Journal 2005
Sundance Journal 2004
Sundance Journal 2002

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