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Elle Magazine “Living In The Virginity Rut”
Fusion “What does your virginity mean to you? A new documentary digs deep”
The Atlantic  “Living Myths About Virginity”
Salon “The trouble with virginity: What America’s sexual language leaves out” “The Shame of the Male Virgin”
Playground “En realidad, ¿qué es ser virgen?”
Upworthy “Handpicked by Upworthy” series
The Globe and Mail (Canada) “Let’s talk about virginity: How women are owning their ‘sexual debut'”
Feministing “Film: How to Lose Your Virginity” review
Fusion “Male Virgins Seek More Than Sex Online”
Rookie Mag “Saturday Links!”
Bitch Magazine (Fall 2013, no link to story) “How To Lose Your Virginity” film review
.Mic “Meet the Filmmaker Convincing America That Virginity Doesn’t Exist”
Brown Girl Magazine “How To Lose Your Virginity”
Spark Movement “How to Lose Your Virginity: an interview with Therese Shechter”
Huffington Post “11 Things Everyone Should Know About Virginity Culture”
The New York Observer “To Do Sunday: See Therese Shechter’s How to Lose Your Virginity
The Scarlet Orchid “How To Lose Your Virginity: An interview with Therese Shechter”
The Frisky Frisky Q&A: Therese Shechter, Director Of “How To Lose Your Virginity “What Is The Definition Of Virginity? There Isn’t One!”
The Gloss “8 Reactions to the Worst Virginity Myths, In GIFs”
Jezebel “New Documentary Explores WTF is Up with the Virginity Obsession”
Women & Hollywood (IndieWire): “DOC NYC Women Directors: Meet Therese Shechter”
POV Documentaries Blog “Film Anatomy: How to Lose Your Virginity”
The College Fix “Sexual Revolution Tackles Virginity: Coming To A Campus Near You”
Creative Loafing, Charlotte NC Cucalorus Film Festival Review
Lilth Magazine Blog “Losing My Virginity: Of Romance and Property Rights”
Adios Barbie “Therese Shechter on Sexuality, Abstinence, and How to Lose your Virginity”
RH Reality Check “A Discussion With the Filmmakers of ‘How to Lose Your Virginity’ and ‘Subjectified’”
About: Sexuality, Cory Silverberg: How To Lose Your Virginity”
Fleshbot “Barely Legal, Virgin Porn, And “How To Lose Your Virginity” (NSFW website)
Tribeca Film Blog “How to Lose Your Virginity,’ Premiering at DOC NYC This Weekend”
The Virginity Project The Candle Man
Bitch Flicks “How to Lose Your Virginity or: How We Need to Rethink Sex”
SF Gate “Virginty Obsession is the Focus of a New Documentary”
Words of Choice Your Virginity: New Doc Offers Fresh Glances
The State Press (ASU) “Let’s Talk About Virginity”



Q with Jian Ghomeshi (CBC Radio) Therese Shechter is expert guest on virginity
Reproductive Health Reality Check: Realcast Podcast with Amanda Marcotte
Sex City (CIUT Radio) Therese Shechter on “How To Lose Your Virginity”
The Nerdist Podcast “Sex Nerd Sandra: Virgin: The Sexual Debutante”
Sex Ed Radio The Virginity Episode
Fully Engaged Feminism Podcast “Episode 27 Losing Your Virginity”



Brooklyn Inependent Media (BRIC) BK LIVE interview with director Therese Shechter and producer Lisa Esselstein about the film

Alicia Menendez Tonight on Fusion Therese Shechter is an expert guest on a show about virginity culture.


international press

The Globe and Mail (Canada) “Documentary examines the honour – and shame – of virginity”
The Jakarta Globe (Indonesia) “Wherever You’re From, A Call to Talk About Sex”
Istanbul Art News Magazine (Turkey) “Bekaretiniz Kaybetmenin Yollari”
Macleans Magazine (Canada) “The black wedding gown backlash”
The Guardian (UK) “Virginity: how was it for you?”
Causette Magazine (France) “Quand Maman Lit du Porno (When Mother Reads Porno)”
Daily Life (Australia) Rachel Hills “How To Lose Your Virginity”
Haaretz (Israel) ‘How to Lose Your Virginity’ Screening, Tel Aviv
YNET (Israel) תעשיית הבתולין: 100 נשים מספרות על הפעם ה-1 (Virginity: 100 Women Talk About The First Time)


the v-card diaries

Filmmaker Magazine “Stories From POV Hackathon”
Vitamin W “Strangers Talk about Losing Their Virginity & Keeping It”
Huffington Post “The V-Card Diaries: Users Share Their Virginity Stories In Interactive Exhibit”
Indiana Daily Student “Kinsey Art Show features thought-provoking art”


US press (2010-2012)

Forbes “Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex: Meet The Filmmaker Who’s Exploring Modern Virginity”
Huffington Post, Soraya Chemaly “Virgins, Bondage and A Shameful Media Fail”
Charlie Glickman “The Fetishization of Virginity”
Sad Girls Guide to Everything “Spotlight on Therese Shechter”
Huffington Post “Director Of Film ‘How To Lose Your Virginity,’ Talks Female Sexuality, ‘Purity’ And The Virgin-Whore Complex”
What (not) to doc, Basil Tsoikos “In the Works: HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY”
Ms. Magazine Blog “How to Lose Your Virginity: An Interview with Therese Shechter”
Where is Your Line? “Therese Shechter: Badass Activist Friday”
Her Film Project “How To Lose Your Virginity”
Bust Magazine “How to Lose Your Virginity: New Documentary Needs Your Help”
Em & Lo “A Documentary Film on Virginity Needs Some Lovin’”
Feminist Fatale “Let’s talk about sex (and support indie media)” “talking about virginity with therese shechter of “how to lose your virginity!”
The Sexist/Washington City Paper “Therese Shechter on Losing Your Virginity”
Marie Claire blog “Sexual Abstinence: Is It Wise (or Crazy) to Stay a Virgin?”
Dodson & Ross “How To Lose Your Virginity”
Geekweek “How To Lose Your Virginity”
Evil Slutopia “How to Lose Your Virginity”
HerFilm “INTERVIEW: Therese Shechter, director of How to Lose Your Virginity”
CSPH ‘Hump Day Hero’ “Hump Day Hero: Therese Shechter”
Abiola Abrams’ Kiss and Tell/ “Sex and the American Virgin: Filmmaker Therese Shechter on How to Lose Virginity & Barely Legal porn”
Fourth Wave Feminism “How to Lose Your Virginity: The Interview (Director’s Cut)”
Musings of an Inappropriate Woman, Rachel Hills “Musings of an Inappropriate Woman loves… Therese Shechter, director/writer/producer of How To Lose Your Virginity”
No Country for Young Women “Therese Shechter: On the Cutting Edge of Social Issues”


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  • Audiences say…

    “I can't wait to talk about this film with my little sister.”
    – Student, Hunter College

    “We were so thrilled to partner with Trixie Films and Therese to host a screening of her amazing documentary during our 2014 Sex Ed Weeks of Action! The event was attended by college students, parents, community organizations, and teens. We loved this educational collaboration!”
    – Planned Parenthood

    "Therese's talk at Sex Weekend at Harvard reminded students that virginity is not black and white. She challenged us to think about our own beliefs in an interesting and inclusive way."
    –Harvard Sex Week

    "I recommend it for anyone who desires a serious, grown-up, critical overview of the issue of sex and virginity in contemporary America.”
    –Anthropology Review Database

    "Our teens were grateful to screen the film with Therese and discuss their reactions with her after they watched it. It was eye-opening to see the parallels Therese makes between the historical context of virginity to current cultural practices we accept as the norm. Great film!"
    –Torch/NARAL Pro-Choice

    "Therese was very knowledgeable and did a great job in interacting with the NYU  community. We have heard nothing but great things!"
    –New York University

    "Therese gave depth to a conversation I never would have been able to provide on my own. The topic is so multi-faceted and complicated, this was a great way to jump start a discussion and get students engaged."
    –LaGuardia College