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If this is true, we're really sad.

According to the Mainichi Daily News via Skirmisher and Asian Dolls:

For the first time in Japanese AV history, a co-ed from the elite University of Tokyo, whose pseudonym is Ukaru Todaiji, 'relinquished' her virginity in the course of her first porn performance.

I was unfamiliar with the ways of the world, and wanted to change myself,” she says, explaining why she made to the decision to take the job.

The movie is entitled "The University of Tokyo Virgin Inspection: Painful Entry through the 'Red Gate.'" The Red Gate is the name applied to hallowed entranceway of Japan's most elite academic institution, among whose graduates include prime ministers and top leaders in business and industry.

Based on our own extensive virgin porn research, we have serious doubts about this story. The first rule of virgin porn is there are no virgins in porn. And that title is really too good to be true. The film was supposedly released in 2006. If anyone knows more, let us know.