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Keeping up with the Jonases

The Jonas Brothers were on our favorite show Dancing with the Stars last night, which seemed to The American Virgin like a giant clash of the demographics. Then again, Hannah Montana's dad was a contestant last season and one of those Jonases has been linked to Miley Cyrus. Most importantly, they are all owned by Disney, which translates to big, brilliant, synergistic luvfest.

TAV has a special interest in these guys, and not entirely because we're dirty old women. The Jonas boys (16, 19 and 21) have taken virginity pledges and wear their purity rings proudly. Nick, ever the company boy, told US Magazine he got his at Disney World. Disney does love its virgin pop stars, but it's pretty refreshing when they're guys. So no sex till marriage for The JBs. We'd love to interview the boys and ask them exactly what their definition of sex is.