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A shout-out to older virgins - update

I wanted to share a part of a comment we received in response to our shout-out to older virgins.

I'm also a 38 year old virgin (male)...which of course has a tremendous amount of stigma to it...its not like I have a sign stapled to my forehead that says "I am a 38 year old virgin" but I am operating under the assumption that lack of dating/relationship/sexual experience will show itself out in time anyway...This is something that I know many might find pathetic and/or something to mock or patronize but to me this is something that deeply saddens me to the point (at times) of great depression.

This is an under-represented group in the mainstream and we'd really like to give it a voice in our documentary. Please email us at with your stories - we can start out anonymously if you'd like.