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Orada mısın? Benim, Margaret.

Studio 360, one of my favorite radio shows, devoted part of its latest show to Girl Culture. I was really fascinated by an item about reading Judy Blume books in Turkey. Zarife Öztürk, who translated the books for a Turkish publishing house, talks about why "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret" was not the monster seller it has been in the US. You can hear it here:

Host Kurt Andersen presented several other interesting stories: female film students at NYU film school, how culture influenced the design of an American Girl doll from the 1970s - and an odd memoir about a woman obsessed with fitting into her grandmother's dress (more about this in an upcoming post!) You can hear the whole show here.

I think both the show and Kurt are brilliant, so I was really baffled that Girl Culture only took up part of the broadcast. Could the producers not find even an hour's worth of stories on the lives of girls? C'mon - they managed to do a whole hour on Moby Dick!