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Dry Spells, Part Two

I recently came out of an alarmingly-long dry spell - one year to be exact - and it happened right in the middle of working on a documentary about virginity. Coincidence?

It's especially crazy because like our previous poster - and here's a BIG TMI/PARENTS STOP READING WARNING - I really love sex. I was a bit of a late bloomer myself, but I grew to consider it one of the top recreational activities out there. In fact, 2006 was a banner, multi-nation, ground-breaking year for Trixie in the sex department. Then came 2007 and...well...nothing.

There was no regular fella, and I just didn't have the energy or enthusiasm for the rest of it - random/casual stuff, old boyfriends or anything complicated whatsoever. I even spent a week in Turkey - and those who know me know that sustaining a drought on Turkish soil is darn near impossible for me. But there it was...even a very cute Istanbulian musician (see exhibit A above) couldn't break it.

After almost exactly one year, the spell, and my metaphorical regrown hymen, were finally broken. Yet, all is not back to normal and I really think the film is messing with me. How that's happening, I'm not sure, but my trip to Turkey next month should be interesting.