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What constitutes a dry spell?

Thanks to Jaime for tipping us off on this great Jezebel column which asks readers to contribute their own thoughts and experience on the dreaded 'dry spell.' Here's the opening of the column:

I like sex a lot. There, I've said it. I have had my moments in life when I thought that I ought not to like it that much, when I was embarrassed by how much I like it, when I've blushed when a dude has said something along the lines of "Wow, you seem to have a lot more fun than most women." I've been a serial monogamist; the girl that doesn't want to do it on the first date; the girl who wants to do it on the first date but won't; and at some point I thankfully graduated to being a woman who has sex when I want to have sex with a given person who is equally willing...

...Last night, I complained to Anna that, having recently ended a thing with a guy, I was already feeling the weight of the dry spell. Yeah, it's been a whole ten days since I had sex and I'm complaining that this is a dry spell. Let's all join me after the jump to wonder what's wrong with me.

The comments are also great, mostly because no matter where you stand on the spectrum of sexual activity, you can let out a nice long sigh and say "Wow - I'm not alone."
Stay tuned for Dry Spells, part two