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Design your own abstinence t-shirt!

Attention, designers! Keith Deltano, our favorite badass motivational speaker for the teenage Abstinence-Only set, is having a t-shirt design contest! Here are his guidelines:

The T-shirt can be cutting edge comedy, drama, or any other “form” you think might work. You can even “morph” other current T-shirt designs to fit your purpose. Themes can be disease avoidance, going for goals, sex as a threat to health, why sex and love are not automatically connected, why love is more than sex, a theme from my show.

Since he encourages 'morphing' other current designs (copyright infringement, anyone?), a quick cruise through CafePress yielded some inspiration. I especially like the multipurpose message of "Pet your dog not your date - but if you're going to third base, do it with your date." That pretty much sums it up for me.

We'd enter our own 'The American Virgin' design - simple and elegantly ambiguous - but we met Keith last year and he's not exactly our biggest fan. Hurry - contest ends June 25th!