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Don't hate the doctor, hate the patriarchy

Ellen Goodman's column linking hymen restoration surgery abroad to Abstinence-Only activities here in the US is another reminder that compelling women to remain virgins until marriage isn't just a Muslim issue. But her anger at the doctors performing the surgery seems a little misplaced:

All in all, the flip side of purity lectures is the conviction that sex -- and the girls who have it -- is dirty. On either side of the Atlantic, doctors in the "like a virgin" business are not only accomplices of private deceptions, they are accomplices to those who keep the reins of sexuality out of women's own hands.

Yes, many doctors profit off sexism at $2,000+ per hymen. But they're also the ones dealing with all those people dragging their daughters or future wives into their offices demanding a virginity test. These doctors know there's no such thing, and more often than not, pronounce in favor of the women anyway. In fact, doctors have been protecting women at risk for many centuries, about as long as idiot relatives have been demanding a non-existent "proof" of purity.