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The letter the NY Times won't let you see!

OK, so it's just a letter to the editor I wrote in response the the hymenoplasty story they did. They didn't run it, but thanks to the magic of the internet, I can just post it here:

Re: "In Europe, Debate Over Islam and Virginity"

Although this story focuses on French doctors, the procedure is done all over the world, even here in the good old liberal USA. It's not done exclusively by Muslim women either, as the Times story suggests, but also by women from Latin-American countries. Quite often, women who have never even had sexual intercourse get stitches put in - just to make sure they bleed on their wedding night (since many women don't bleed their first time).

The whole issue of testing and restoration is completely maddening and mind-boggling, particularly because the hymen – an elastic and ever-changing little membrane that wasn't even 'discovered' until 1544 – is in no way a reliable indicator of virginity. And yet, we have placed profound and enduring moral value on its condition.

Take that, Letters to the Editor.