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China Shrink Cream - The world responds!

Salon was kind enough to showcase our item on China Shrink Cream in their Broadsheet column as a "WTF of the Day." We're honored, and also thrilled that their linkage boosted our readership from 5 to nearly 7 hits this week.

Their post also prompted a mini comment flame-war that veered into a debate on male circumcision. But one of my favorites was this (non-flaming) tidbit from Svutlana:

China Shrink contains the same (in)active ingredient as Liquid Virgin, potassium alum, considered to be a natural deodorant. In India, barbers apply it to mustaches and beards after cutting. Some guy with a goatee must have looked in the mirror and said, "Hey, I can think of another place to put this..."

And this sweet reminiscence from Allie:

People used to give this junk to girls who were rumored to be promiscuous as a gag gift at my high school. In 1985. I know you're just a little spring chicken yourself, but that's no excuse for acting like this is news.