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Howard Stern is not auctioning off a woman's virginity. He's just promoting the event.

Contrary to rumors, Howard Stern is not auctioning off a 22-year-old's virginity. Whew. Because that would be so tacky. No, he's just promoting it on his show, reports Extra.

The lucky winner will get to claim his prize (that's "Natalie," right) at the Nevada brothel where her sister, left, works. The proceeds will go to pay her college tuition.

A woman in England recently auctioned off her virtue in order to pay some of her bills. The fact that she was a lesbian in a long-term sexual relationship seemed to matter not to the many gentlemen bidding for the prize. Which proves that in this society, it still takes a dick to de-virginize a woman. Or maybe several.

Update 9/18: Fancy Nancy quite rightly points out that this is not about sex, but about how damn expensive it is to go to school in this country.