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I'm sad and angry to hear CosmoGIRL! magazine is folding (it lost the teen mag war to fellow Hearst magazine Seventeen)

It's is a real shame because although CosmoGIRL! had its share of 'get sexy hair' articles and too-thin teen models, what set them apart from the pack was this:

They were a consistent source of intelligent sexual health information for its teen girl readers. Nothing like big sister Cosmo, the magazine wrote about sex, virginity, lesbianism, pregnancy, abortion and our very own lovely vaginas in a totally age-appropriate and comfortable way.

Here's a quote from tech diva - and our occasional collaborator - Ellen Ko (stay tuned for her full appreciation of the mag):

Too bad about CosmoGirl! I thought it was the closest thing to Sassy (besides Bust, of course, but that's for a slightly different generation). Perhaps teaching girls to be smart and confident diminishes their ability to be mindless consumers, which means less effective advertising. Sigh.

We interviewed the magazine's awesome Editor-in-Chief Susan Schulz for the documentary The American Virgin. Here's part of her interview mixed in with the thoughts of other notables such as Dr Joycelyn Elders. I'll post some more of Susan in the next couple of days.