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Chastity Testing: Still going strong in Turkey

The American Virgin is in Istanbul for a couple of weeks and on the lookout for Turkish virginity stories.

Virginity testing has been a hot-button issue here for a number of years. Although forced testing was made illegal several years ago [yes - you could randomly test young women at school or work!], it still goes on in quiet and informal ways – often by family members who drag their daughters to the gynecologist for hymen inspections.

Readers of this blog have heard me rant about this before, but I can't say it too many times. You can't tell if a woman has had intercourse by the state of her hymen. Most gynecologists will either refuse to do a test – or pronounce the young woman a virgin, basically so she doesn't get beaten or worse.

This recent Hurriyet story is typical:

ISTANBUL - The director of a private girl’s dormitory in Istanbul’s district of Avcılar made allegations to a female student's father that she was sleeping with men, leading the father to take his daughter for a virginity test.

Father of student C.G. immediately flew to Istanbul from the Aegean province of Aydın after director N.D. called him, saying she had seen bruises on the student's face and neck, reported the private news site CNNTürk yesterday.

"Your daughter has bruises on her body, she is sleeping with men and we are kicking her out of her dorm," the father Y.G. stated the director said.

"My daughter said she was joking around with a girlfriend and the bruising occurred because of that. I took her to two different hospitals [for a virginity test]," the father said, "Both of the reports proved she is a virgin."

The managers of the dorm rejected interview offers from reporters.