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Virgin Auctions, not just for tuition anymore

The American Virgin has blogged on virginity auctions to pay for college here, here and here. But this time is different, and if true, also pretty sad. From the blog Jialat:

A young Hong Kong girl put up an auction forum, inviting bids for her virgin night. Shirley, introduced herself to be secondary 3 student. She explained that she did this to raise money for her ex-boyfriend who owns people lots of money. She described herself to be 160cm tall, weight is 100lbs, and vital numbers are 33.5C, 23.5, 33.5. For more details, please visit (Warning: in Chinese): 處女拍賣, 底價3000, 叫價$21000[已完] The auction is over. A guy who claimed to have won the bid, put up another thread in the forum, to describe his “wonderful experience with Shirley” (Warning: in Chinese). Yeah! 破處成功! love34之報告

The number $21000 shows up in the url so I'm wondering if that was the final price or the starting bid...Anyone read Chinese?