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Our Bodies Turkish!

Did you know that 'Our Bodies, Ourselves' the groundbreaking book about women's health, has been translated or adapted into 29 international editions? Like Russian, Albanian and Tibetan and Korean?

These books have provided women with information on health – and women's rights – in areas where this kind of stuff was unavailable and sometimes illegal.

Now there's a version for Turkish women. The organization Mavi Kalem is in the process of translating and culturally adapting the book, which in Turkish is called 'Bedenim ve Ben.' The final edition, which will include narratives of women from every region of Turkey, should be done in 2009.

They have also launched a companion website designed to help Turkish NGOs working on women’s health, as well as a wide-scale campaign distributing badges with the slogan "my body is mine" to encourage involvement in the women’s movement.

This will come in handy in a country where there's no sex education at any school level. Click here for more statistics. There's more info on Mavi Kalem's website, and if you'd like to contact them, you can email Emine Filiz Ayla at They speak English and are based in the Fener/Balat section of Istanbul.