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Revirginize without surgery or prayer!

The Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn is offering an amazing 7-minute re-virginizing procedure for the low, low price of $5 (including alcohol). Warning: effects may not last past your 5th beer.

Misha Calvert Presents: RE-VIRGIN: First time's the charm!
A live re-virginization art installation
Music by: Smirk and No Regular Play

Saturday December 20th 9:00pm
$5 until 11pm
FREE BEER 11pm-12am

Who doesn't regret their first partner? This holiday season you can take the past into your own hands by giving yourself the priceless gift of re-virginity. New Age healer Debra Moonstone brings her New Life Purification Chamber™ to The Glasslands Gallery for one night only as part of her Northeast Holiday Tour. With Debra's chamber, you can reclaim your innocence in only seven minutes utilizing state-of-the-art astral projection techniques as well as deep-life recall and elements of sacral-hypnotherapy.

Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Ave.
Brooklyn, NY