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Needed: Some advice for sleepingwith a guy who's a virgin

The Georgetown University newspaper, The Hoya, just published a list of advice for having sex with someone who's a virgin. To their credit, the article really tries to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone is obsessed with jumping in the sack right now. Then again, they are a Catholic University.

But if students are interested in getting it on, there's a long list of advice for the guys who are going to be with a virgin woman: take your time, be relaxed and compassionate, don't put any pressure on her and maybe even try longer foreplay. But for a woman sleeping with a male virgin...not so much. Just some more advice for the guys: If you're a virgin, don't be embarrassed.

The problem is that not all gals are scared delicate flowers – and not all guys just want to get it on like some bad teen sex film. Both men and women can have varied and complex feelings about having sex for the first time.

And no less importantly, how about a little advice for the ladies on how to deal with the special qualities of first-time guys (trust us on this one). Like what to do when it's over almost as soon as it starts, and how to help someone who may not realize he has little to no clue about female anatomy. A few more tips might make it more fun for everyone.

Got advice to share? Let us know.