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Two new blogs by older virgins

Check out these two new blogs, both written by older virgins about virginity. Here are the links and an excerpt from their own introductions.

We'll be following both your blogs, so please drop by and let us know how things are. Let's keep the dialogue going...

The 38 Year Old Virgin

I think we can all agree that I belong to a very small group of people my age and gender in America. There are many reasons why I am a virgin. I will talk more about those as I continue to blog.

I started this blog because I don't think I will be a virgin for much longer. I am ready to have sex and all I need is a women who is also ready. I don't take this issues lightly and I'd like to share my thoughts as I rest of the precipice of a new experience. I invite you along for the ride.

Life's a Bowl of Cherries

I'm part of a dying, misunderstood breed of female trying to survive in modern day society. My breed tends to die off in large numbers during this stage of life. For me, it's not about losing it. It's more about keeping it.

Hi, my name's Venus* and I'm a virgin.

Nice to meet you, too.

I'll let everyone who wants to laugh or ask what the hell is wrong with me do so now, so they can get it out of their systems.