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Virginity: Priceless or Worthless?

I swore to stop writing about this, but Salon's Kate Harding weighs in with an interesting response to Natalie Dylan's Daily Beast virgin-auction justification.

Most important, though, reading Dylan's thoughtful essay made me realize that objecting to the whole concept of putting a price on a young woman's virginity implies that I do believe it's priceless. Which would put me in the camp with people who throw purity balls and believe "hookup culture" is a threat to young women's sanity. I don't believe virginity is priceless -- I believe that in an ideal world, it would be valueless. 

What I want is a world in which there are no virginity auctions because there are no bidders, because nobody fetishizes a woman's "purity" or actually thinks of a sexually active woman as dirty and spoiled. In the meantime, maybe an increase in hymen auctions will eventually drive down the market value of a deflowering and diminish the cultural mystique of the dewy young virgin. That's the kind of cold capitalism I could get behind.