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Virgin/Whore dichotomy now selling luxury cars

Huffington Post's Alex Leo did a roundup last month of Sexist Trends that Advertisers Can't Shake. In amongst the bondage, rape and girl-on-girl ads, this one stood out to us for obvious reasons. Here's her interpretation:

Much like the Calvin Klein ads of the early 90s – you remember the ones that made you feel like you were watching child porn, cause you sorta were–this ad offers a young woman (with the face of a small child) posed in a sexually suggestive manner. They are offering you a virgin in looks and expression, and a slut in the tagline: "You know you're not the first."

She's been fucked before--she knows what she's doing. She's been used so you can do whatever you like to her. That's the implicit message of this ad. She's young and nubile, but not prudish. She's the ultimate fantasy: a virgin who won't say no to anything.

This combination of the Madonna and the whore is ultimately a fantasy of degrading both body and mind. This girl is in no way a threat: she's young and won't say no, no one has to offer her anything, she is just there for your needs, just like a car.