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Advice for a Gay Virgin, and other relationship questions answered

I recently came across a site called Dear Cupid, which is an advice site on relationships, dating, love and sex. Someone posts a question and anyone (called Agony Aunts) can offer their own advice.

In the wild west of the Internets, I expected to find a lot of sleazy, snarky answers. But taking a quick cruise through the Q&As, I thougt it was all, well, pretty sweet.

Here's the latest virginity question and answers:

I am 26 and a virgin. I have known that I'm gay since I was 13 and I have come no closer to having a relationship in the next 13 years. Never been kissed or anything! I'm not out but I've been using a lot of gay dating websites and still nothing. I am planning to go to university to do a course to change career and I'm planning to come out then as I am away from my family. I suppose I feel bad about being a virgin at my age and I am nervous about the first time. I'm scared that I won't be very good and that my relationships will suffer because of it.


- "I dont think there is one person who has not been in your shoes that has not been truly worried about their first time..."

- "That day will me. You will find a nice guy.

- "Don't worry about being a virgin, just make sure when the time comes your partner knows and that you use the right kind of protection."

Post your own advice here. Read their entire virginity question thread here. You can also rate the answers and consult a list of top "Aunts.