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"Chinese Mistress Contest Takes a Tragic Turn"

Although this is a bit beyond the mission statement of this blog, the story was too amazing to resist.

According to CNN ( I swear, and I even stole their headline), a Chinese businessman, identified only as Fan, decided to cut costs by downsizing from five mistresses to one. To help him decide which one to keep:

He staged a private talent show in May, without telling the women his intentions. An instructor from a local modeling agency judged the women on the way they looked, how they sang and how much alcohol they could hold, the Shanghai Daily said.

The judge knocked out Yu in the first round of the competition based on her looks. Angry, she decided to exact revenge by telling her lover and the four other women to accompany her on a sightseeing trip before she returned to her home province, the media reports said.

It was then that Yu did what any self-respecting spurned mistress would do: She drove them all off a cliff. Tragically, Yu, 29, died in the accident and the others were injured.

Fan shut down his company after the crash and paid Yu's parents 580,000 yuan ($84,744) as compensation for her death.

The four other women left him, as did his wife when she learned of the affairs.

Well, I should hope so. The mistresses gave up a rent-free apartment and about $730 a month. And of course, a heck of a great guy. I predict Hollywood will be optioning this as a vehicle for Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn. You heard it here first.

Thanks to Jen for the link!