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Ex-Masturbator Tees Render Us Speechless

The is the post our Shame and Guilt tag has been waiting for! From the website of The Passion For Christ Movement where you can order your own Ex-Masturbator t-shirt:

Yeah we said it….Nobody talks about it, but most people have done it or are still doing it. It's seems to be a rite of passage for both girls and guys into the world of sex. Some say masturbation is not a sin, some say that it is. But is it really okay in the eyes of God?

When God wants to take His message of deliverance across the globe, there is NO stopping Him. Check out this feature of the EX Shirts on one of the fastest growing Christian Hip Hop magazines in the US: DaSouth. Also, hit up their new article, "Masturbation" It breaks down the lies behind masturbation, explains how this is actually a sin, and how we can be freed through Christ.

Thanks to EditorLisa for the tip! How do we get her to post her own stuff again....? Feministing has an enjoyable rant here.

Other styles available are below.