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V-Card Diaries: Loretta "Being a virgin does not define me"

We've heard stories from a lot of you privately, so thanks to Loretta for bustin' out and being the first to share with all! The American Virgin interviewed her about the v-word:

TAV: What is your definition of virginity?

Loretta: My definition of virginity is someone who hasn’t had intercourse including anal. This also includes not using a dildo if you are a lesbian. This does not include oral sex.

When did you lose your virginity, or why have you decided to stay a virgin?

It was never really my intention to stay a virgin. I think one of my problems is that I have too many friends and acquaintances. I found other ways to entertain myself and having sex just never was on the top of my list of things to do.

I have actually tried several times to lose my virginity to no avail. I know!

The problem is, for me to have sex, it needs to be with someone I trust, someone I am comfortable with. Unfortunately for me, all my guy friends whom I have begged and still beg today refuse to take my virginity. They keep telling me they can’t. They want me to lose it to a stranger and then they can have sex with me. How ironic, right? Because I want to have sex with someone I am comfortable with – a friend.

How have your dates/partners reacted?

Most of the guys I’ve dated first start off saying how much they respect me for being a virgin . However, I know in the back of their minds, they think this is a game. They feel like they will be the ones to dis-virgin me. A couple of months into the relationship with no sex, and things begin to change.

Some of them cheated on me saying that they needed sex and I wasn’t giving, others at least had the decency to end the relationship so they could pursue someone who was sexually active. I broke up with some because I could see their pain…lol…so I let them go. Right now I’m talking to a guy who I think is also a virgin. My first time, so this should be interesting.

Any special plans or ideas for losing it?

Ha! My plans are very simple, if I can find someone willing to offer me a lot of money, just to have sex with me because I am a virgin, I will not think twice about it! If I knew how to contact the Bunny Ranch and set this up, I would have done it a long time ago. So if any body knows anyone who can help me out with this please contact me.

Before anyone judges that, at least am getting something out of it versus the millions of young women who got nothing but pregnancy or a broken heart after loosing theirs. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard a woman say how much she regretted loosing her virginity. You know why? Because they got nothing out of it. At least nothing good.

Anything else you want to say about virginity?

I’m a virgin. Big deal. Sex is sex. I don’t understand why people have placed it on such a high pedestal. I believe that one can still enjoy a fruitful happy life without sex. I’m a witness to that. Being a virgin has not stopped me from having a very active social life. It does not define me. It is just one of the many qualities that make me the person I am today. I have had 3 marriage proposals and turned them all down because I am not ready to settle down.

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