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Just in time for Valentine's Day:Love Actually and other despicable Rom-Coms

Em&Lo help us celebrate Valentine's Day with an ass-kickin' list of worst Rom-Coms of all time. This has nothing to do with virginity per se, except for the fact that we learn a lot about sex, love and romance at the movies. And those lessons mostly suck.

One of my least favorite of these bafflingly popular films is Love Actually, a truly horrible British depiction of modern romance. All the women end up with sucky, self-sacrificing no-love lives while the guys, even the most incredible losers, seem to snag the hottest babes on that side of the pond.

Here's what Em&Lo have to say about the film:

Misogyny coated in a layer of sickly sweet sappiness. Every single female character in this movie is a loser who needs a man like a fish needs a set of gills. Proof that there is still a need for feminism in the Western world.

They also handily trash the despicable My Best Friend's Wedding and You've Got Mail. My only quibble is with having Juno on the list. I thought that one was kind of sweet under all the hipster babble and unprotected sex.

Check out the whole list and have a Happy Valentine's Day!