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Talkin' feminism and virgins on the radio

UPDATE: Here's the link to the interview I did on I Was A Teenage Feminist and How to Lose Your Virginity* (see below).

There's also some great music in this interview: “I Am Woman” by Farrell Burk from the “I Was A Teenage Feminist” soundtrack; Ann Mangnuson, “Sex With the Devil,” The Luv Show (excerpt); and Young Guardians of the Flame, “Shallow Water,” New Way Pockey Way.

This interview aired live on WTUL 91.5 FM New Orleans ( at 830 am on Friday 06 February with the Awesome DJ PopTart! Check out their site for a honking big plug for the I Was A Teenage Feminist screening Feb. 6. Thanks, gals!!

*We're in the midst of a name change...what do you think?