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A Hard Lesson at 13 Years: Sex Make Me Baby

When the Former Fundamentalists alerted us to this story, we asked for her reaction:

This news is old, by a few weeks now. After my intense reaction to the photos which accompanied the article, I felt I should comment on it and was asked to comment on it. Alas, it disturbed me so profoundly, I sat on its implications stunned and bewildered.

Just click on the link. Don't even read; just look at the pictures. That baby-faced, spud of a teen – not even close to the maturity required of a father – his image left me unsettled. Shocked. After the shock wore off, I only felt pity and sadness. A boy – a new family – failed by his upbringing, his education, his church - stood before a life he never should have stumbled upon.

That's weird for me. The usual response is red-faced anger. How do the images make you feel?