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Why didn't we think of this?

Why didn't we think of this? An Australian filmmaker is recruiting men and women to auction off their virginity online and plans to make a documentary about it. Apparently, his project got attention after he posted "Virgins Wanted" posters at an Australian University. From NBC:

Justin Sisely is pledging to give his two stars – one male, one female – $20,000 Australian (that’s 13,236 in dollars) each and 90 percent of the take from the auctions.

Sisely contends he’s received about 100 inquiries so far and plans to start “auditions” March 21. "It's a one-time thing, it's not like they're continually going to be a prostitute," he was quoted as saying.

Sisely was quoted by the Herald Sun as saying that he’s merely an artist "exploring the idea of virginity as a commodity.”

Uh huh. Amazingly, Sisely hasn’t yet found a distributor for his movie. Maybe HBO is doing their own version with Natalie Dylan?