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How Much is Your Virginity Worth on the Open Market?

Bitch Buzz ponders the question of how to value one's own virginity if, let's just say, one wanted to put it out onto the open market:

So what could I have gotten? £1000? £100,000? £1,000,000? Is one person’s virginity more valuable than another’s? What other factors should be taken into consideration when making this kind of purchase? What kind of quality control measures should be used? And how do you calculate the postage and packaging for such a purchase? I’m guessing it would be cab fare home the next day - but I’ve already got a history of selling myself short in this area so maybe I’m wrong - after all, I didn’t even get bus fare home!

Based on our own research, the price point seems to vary depending on where and how you market it. For example, US virgins seem to fetch a much higher price than Romanian ones, especially if they do the initial offering on Howard Stern. That's western capitalism for you.

I can't imagine mine would have gotten me anything. In fact, the lucky fella was downright freaked out when he found out he was my first. Not the kind of fumbling awkward evening he had in mind at all.

As for the rest of the world, you can read more on our own sad, depressing Virginity Auction thread here.