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RIP Bea Arthur

I loved this woman! Here's an excerpt from her obit about the groundbreaking abortion episode in the first season of "Maude." I remember watching it as a 10-year-old and thinking it was a really big deal:

In the show’s first season, Maude, at the age of 47, learned she was pregnant; her distress was evident.

“Mother, what’s wrong? You’ve got to share this with me,” Carol says. Maude’s response is typical, with barbs aimed both inward and outward, delivered by Ms. Arthur with a flash of simultaneous anger, despair and humor: “Honey, I’d give anything to share it with you.”

The two-part episode was broadcast in November 1972, two months before Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that made abortion legal nationwide, was decided. By the episode’s conclusion, Maude, who lived in Westchester County in New York, where abortion was already permitted, had chosen to end the pregnancy.

Two CBS affiliates refused to broadcast the program, and Ms. Arthur received a shower of angry mail.

If you can't see the video, click here.