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Abstinence-Only funding?Kick it to the curb!

Too bad we've already wasted well over $1 billion dollars on this crap. From the Obama budget, Department of Health and Human Services:

The 2010 Budget proposes a new Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative to support community-based and faith-based efforts to reduce teen pregnancy using evidence-based and promising models. In addition, a new Strengthening Communities Fund will help build the capacity of non-profit organizations and State, Local and Tribal entities to better serve low-income and disadvantaged populations. This Budget also proposes funding for (1) a new child welfare initiative, and (2) a human services case management system for Federally-declared disasters. This Budget eliminates funding for Community-Based Abstinence Education, the mandatory Title V Abstinence Education program, the Compassion Capital Fund, and Rural Community Facilities.

This isn't going to stop schools and churches from teaching scientifically inaccurate Abstinence-Only, but at least our tax dollars aren't going to be funding it. Thanks to Sara for the link to Politico. Read the astounding range of comments here.

Update from Salon's Broadsheet:

What's more, the budget proposes $164 million for teen-pregnancy prevention programs. An enthusiastic "yay" and a "woo-hoo" are definitely in order – but, be warned that 25 percent of that budget would be available to abstinence-only programs, according to the Wall Street Journal. Luckily, they'll have to fight with other programs just to get a piece.