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Brooke Sheilds: Too ugly to have sex?

In a news item weirdly-connected to the Susan Boyle story, Brooke Sheilds said she thought she was not good looking enough to have sex, which is why she stayed a virgin to the impossibly old age of 22.

I guess the first question is: Why tell us this now, Brooke? Do you have a new show coming out or something and need publicity?

Second question: Since when is 22 way too old to lose your virginity?

And the third question is: Does she really mean for us to believe she didn't have sex because she thought she wasn't pretty enough? [See above] Of course it's perfectly understandable she felt ugly. Our fucked-up society makes even gorgeous fashion models think they're too hideous to be seen in public, let alone on British talent shows. It's just that, in the having-sex dept., it's how others perceive your beauty that generally determines whether or not you get laid.

Besides, I always thought it was some kind of publicity thing her mother dreamed up for her. She was the sexy-but-not-sexual poster girl before Britney even existed. As Brooke told us: Nothing came between her and her Calvins.