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Pimping virgins is fine,just don't mess with the Holy Mother

Several weeks ago we wrote about Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely's dubious documentary project. He's advertising for one man and one woman to auction off their certified virtue in exchange for $20,000 (AU) each. In return he gets to film the auction process, using a Nevada brothel as his intermediary.

Although he himself admits what he's asking from his subjects is prostitution, actually going through with the deflowering is not required. I don't know about you, but I think that little fact might put a damper on the bidding - and any interest in actually seeing the film. Not that I'm giving him advice on how to to be a good pimp/pornographer, I'm just saying...

Anyway, now he's getting death threats – death threats! – for the poster he's been using to recruit subjects. It's described as "a picture of the Virgin Mary with male genitalia on her forehead." We can't see any naughty bits ourselves, but it's interesting that this is what people are bent out of shape about. As we've seen before, little sexual exploitation is fine, but don't mess with Mary.