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Susan Boyle check-in. Are Lily Allen and I the only ones who thought she was kind of OK?

Just this weekend we sat around wondering: Whatever happened to Susan Boyle?

Didn't she have to compete in some more rounds for that show she was on? Or was she just unanimously proclaimed the winner? Turns out she did just do her next round, watched by gagillions of people, except for me.

She looked very nice with her tasteful new hair and new look and new makeup and all. On the other hand, her taste in music is still horrendous - another Andrew Lloyd Webber song. Memory. Feh. But I guess the Brits love that stuff. She started off on a bad note and then, as reported by everyone in the universe, recovered beautifully to end with a standing ovation. All the judges were totally sucking up to her which totally fun to watch.

As for me, I didn't think she sounded that great at all. Her voice was weak and rough the whole time. And she was still cringe-worthy in her goofing around on stage. I'm with Lily Allen. She's overrated.

Still, I still hope she wins and gets to sing for the Queen.

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