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Virginity Auction: "Ten thousand Euros is not so much money"

An update on Alina Percea, who says she sold her virtue for far less than the 50,000 Euro she hoped to make.

"Ten thousand euros is not so much money, even in Romania,' admitted Alina. 'But it will be enough. I hoped I'd be able to have an apartment in town. But now I will live with my parents while I go to university."

How would her life be different if tuition was cheaper or free? Why do women need to prostitute themselves to get a good education? Anyway, she also reports that she took the morning after pill and is planning to see the guy again. Wondering if this means more of these kinds of auctions in the future?

The story continues to depress me. Here's a photo of Alina taken by the German auction site, I guess to make her look sexier than the original photos she provided.