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Dept. of Loathsome Fan Mail: Comments from YouTube

An occasional roundup of comments from the Trixie Films YouTube channel*:

Antifeminazi: Feminism is the most loathsome and phoniest Marxist fraud ever devised. Along with feminism comes censorship, infanticide, secret police brutality, presumption of guilt, class/gender conflict & brutality, subversion, state supremacy and destruction of individual civil rights. Feminism is merely communism in disguise like the "wolf in sheeps clothing" and will always produce the opposite of what it claims. Feminists are inherently duplicitous, criminal authoritarians posing as "liberators".

AdMAHraMeR: Humans have instincts. Some are more dominant than others. One of these instincts is to follow and respect taller, broader, louder things over smaller, weaker, quieter things. In this case, the man is the former and the woman is the latter. It is rather unfortunate that people follow their instincs rather than use their brains, but that's just the way things are, and there's not much you can do to change this. Apart from jump in front of a horse.
Make me a sandwich.

saruji: stfu about feminism already! there are bigger problems in the world! Its a choice obviously if your too dumb to figure that out, cut your wrists and take a bath, bc you too stupid for this world.

*Grammar and spelling uncorrected