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Is the murder of Dr. Tiller only a taste of worse to come?

By now I think everyone has heard the horrible news about the murder of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. Instead of looking at this as an isolated incident, Christina Page, author of "How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America," writes:

The pattern is clear and frightening. In March 1993, three months into the administration of our first pro-choice president, Bill Clinton, abortion provider Dr. David Gunn was murdered in Pensacola, Florida. That was the beginning of what would become a five-fold increase in violence against abortion providers throughout the Clinton years.

Today's assassination of Dr. George Tiller comes 5 months into the term of our second pro-choice president. For anyone who would like to believe that this is a statistical anomaly, a coincidence that doesn't portend anything, again, you are wrong.

During the entire Bush administration, from 2000-2008 there were no murders. During the Clinton era, between 1994-2000 there were 6 abortion providers and clinic staff murdered, and 17 attempted murders of abortion providers. There were 12 bombings or arsons during the Clinton years.

This is chilling stuff, especially for anyone who works with abortion providers. I volunteer as an escort for Brooklyn Pro-Choice Network and I wonder how this will effect the clinic we support in Sunset Park. Christine quotes Claire Keyes, of Allegheny Reproductive Health in Pittsburgh:

Right after the election we saw a small upsurge in anti-abortion activity. But since the inauguration, things have gotten measurably worse. There's been an increase in picketing by students from Franciscan University in Ohio. On Saturdays there are 60-plus protesters and there's been an increase in screaming and aggression.

We don't have a parking lot so people park on the street. The antis have surrounded cars, trapping the women inside, and in several cases the antis jumped into vehicles and touched or grabbed at them. The police were called but so far they don't seem to be responding appropriately.

More than ever, we should be supporting abortion providers in our cities and towns. If you are in New York, please contact Brooklyn Pro-Choice Network. They can really use our help!!