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"The Moon is Blue:" Our fave playboy-meets-virgin film

The other day we posted a cool list of films in the genre of playboy-tries-to-get-into-the-pants-of-a-sweet-young-thing. "The Moon is Blue," a 1953 film directed by Otto Preminger, is our favorite, if only for the scandal it caused.

If memory serves, dashing architect William Holden quite easily manages to get virginal Maggie McNamara up to his apartment. Unfortunately for him, she turns out to be a rather crafty virgin who ends up making dinner instead of sweet sweet love. In the end, I think they get married.

It has the wonderful distinction of being the first post-code film to use the word 'virgin' on screen. Also, even though the virgin in question remains intact, she doesn't seem totally horrified by the idea of not being one, either. It's even a bit shocking to watch it today, given the attitudes of other films being made at the time. Take that, Doris Day!

The Catholic League of Decency tried to get it banned, but because Otto Preminger produced it himself, he used all his clout to get it released independently (very unusual for the time). It went on to earn several Oscar nominations, including best actress.