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Mother wants to help her Downs Syndrome son lose his virginity

A woman in the UK has been on a mission to help her son, who has Downs Syndrome, lose his virginity. Every since she first publicized her quest in March, her son Otto Baxter, 21, has been flooded with offers from assorted women from all over the world, a sex worker, and a magazine offering to hire a sex worker.

He's made the decision to wait for the right girl instead of just getting it over with. Which makes me think Otto displays a level of maturity his mother has yet to attain. He's also booked to appear on "Love, Lust and Las Vegas" showing on BBC Three on July 21st.

His mother is quoted as saying:

"Everyone else his age is having sex and enjoying being young adults, so why shouldn't Otto?"

This is being treated like a sweet story even though to me it feels like exploitation. Is it because he's a guy and it's important for him to have sexual experiences? How would this story read if she was trying to find someone to deflower her daughter and not her son. Would everyone be horrified? Would the responses have been creepier? What do you think?