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Pledging Virginity? There's an App for that...

Island Wall Entertainment is offering an application which allows you to pledge your virginity right on your iPhone. Once you've taken the company's recorded pledge, you're cleared to proudly display your 'timeless digital spinning Purity Ring' on your iPhone screen. The app is 99 cents and comes customized for both men and women, which feels like some kind of progress from girls-only purity fashions.

I'm sure True Love Waits is quaking on their boots over the coming drop in ring sales, but not to worry. The company has posted a disclaimer: "The developers of PurityRing App believe this app compliments existing Purity Pledges and is not seeking to replace traditional Ceremonies and Rings." Whew.

One fact remains: Whether you pledge your virginity with a silver ring at your church basement, or just hit the 'I Accept' button on your iPhone, it still probably won't work.

The company also sells an App for finding your tent at crowded festivals. They suggest it could come in handy if you're planning to get drunk and lost. Maybe they should sell a combo App package just in case you do find your tent but are too drunk to remember not to have sex in it.