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"The 650-Pound Virgin" probably had bigger problems than lack of a sex life.

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TLC is showing a documentary called 'The 650-Pound Virgin" Sunday night about a guy who managed to lose over 400 pounds in 26 months. It's a pretty amazing weight-loss story and seems worth checking out, but the 'virgin' angle really annoys me. There are many references to how lonely he was as a morbidly obese young man, but surely he had bigger problems than his lack of sex life. I can't even imagine all the devastating things that can happen to your body when you carry around all that weight. 

The V-Word is a great marketing tool. It's interesting what a cliché the obese virgin is in our culture, when in fact most older adults who haven't yet had sex are pretty 'average' looking. Even in the emails I get from older virgins, I can't think of any who talk too much about their weight.

I'm cable-challenged, but if anyone catches the show, let us know what you thought.