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We heart MTSS - and so does Comedy Central!

The Midwest Teen Sex Show has been approached by Comedy Central to do a half-hour pilot for the network. In case you've never seen one of their episodes, check out one of our favorite early episodes on Abstinence above. We also love their logo! Their mission is to create a space for frank discussion on teenage sexuality in a way that broadcasters never do (until now - if Comedy Central does the right thing and picks them up). The Women's Media Center just did a nice article on them. Here are some excerpts:

[MTSS host Nikol] Hasler is given to reflect on her role with the show. “Creating something that meant something to me was so much fun, so important. I want people to know, girls especially, that they can do something for themselves, no matter what avenue they come from.”

Despite the show’s moniker, its audience isn’t just teens; the majority of viewers are aged 13 to 24, with, according to Clark, “the biggest block being college kids and twenty-somethings. Though many of our viewers are out of high school, they still watch the show for entertainment and the occasional information they might not know. We've gotten emails from people who tell us that they have dorm room parties where they watch all the episodes.”

Hasler, whose MTSS rise has her spending a great deal of time talking with young people about sexuality, attributes the show’s fan base to the mix of humor and candor. “If you want to get your point across, you make people laugh,” Hasler said. “At the same time, there’s a really honest tone to what we do. It’s not alarmist, making people run around screaming, ‘I’m going to get herpes!’”