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V-Card Diaries: Yarn "Love doesn't have to show through sex"

Today we're highlighting 19-year-old Yarn, who lives in Malaysia and writes a blog called Reflection of You and Me. She talks to us about the importance of respect, her concerns about STDs and why she thinks her wedding night will be so sweet. If you want to tell your story, go to our submission form. You can find all our V-Card Diaries here. Tell us about yourself: I'm a 19 years old Chinese girl, Yarn. I know most of the people about my age had lost their virginity. Yet it doesn't influence me to follow the trend. Somehow, I stand strong for my own viewpoint and hold my virginity until the day I get married with the love one.

What is your definition of virginity? Virginity is the first time. When a person said he/she lost his/her virginity, it means that the person lost his/her first time by having sexual intercourse with another person. In other words, a virgin is a person who does not have any sexual experience with another person.

Why have you decided to stay a virgin? Virginity is very important for Chinese, especially female. If a person married with person who is not virgin, it will drop their family reputation. I'm still a virgin. Why I choose to be virgin? Virginity is just like balloon, one poke and it's gone. Why I don't keep it for my beloved one? It is so precious. Giving it to a stranger or just friend, what if you pregnant? Condom? Condom only 99%, you still have a chance to get pregnant. If get pregnant, my dreams will gone. And who is going to be responsible for the baby? What about STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)? These diseases usually transmit via free sex. If after marriage, it means you will go for a body check-up before marriage. It is safer. But what if premarital sex? You do not ask the person: "Hey, if you want to have sex with me, go for check up first and bring the report to me." Do you say that?? Stay virgin is actually a way to protect myself and my future partner.

How have your dates/partners reacted? Hey, if you love me, you have to respect me. If you already manage to stay with me forever, why can't you wait until the day we married? Love doesn't have to show through sex.

Any special plans or ideas for losing it? My first marriage night. It's gonna be so memorable and sweet. Because I lost it for a person who loves me and will take care of me. Romantic. We waited so long just for that day to come. Get married, first sex to each other and have our own family.

Anything else you want to say about virginity? Sex couldn't last forever, when you get older, you can't afford for that. But true love will make life better. I believe life without sex could be happy and enjoy too. I had attend a workshop about virginity. The only way to protect yourself, not getting pregnant or STD, is only abstinence. It works for 100% safety. Sometimes, virginity is a good instrument to test who really cares and loves you. Let's say, one guy come to you and say he loves you, you are the only one for him, could you have sex with him. Well, if you say no, I want to save my virginity until I married and he just hates you for that, he is not sincere to you. Oppositely, he accepts and is willing to wait until the big day. Congratulations, he is a person you can have as a life partner. Remember that, when a guy says "I love you" he might mean "I want have sex wit you." Girls should learn to protect yourself.